Monday, 13 April 2009

Demonstation of Incompetence

(on an aborted attempt by a group of protestors to access a nuclear power plant)

Arrested before you’ve protested?
What is the world coming to?
Without even a chance to wave banners
or throw one or even both shoes?

Shackled but not to a railing.
Surely that wasn’t the plan -
to be singing 'we will not be moved'
when youre being shoved into a van?

Caught in possession of items
that may lead some to think you are nutters -
attempting to cause nuclear damage
to a Plant with a pair of bolt cutters.

It seems that the climate's not right,
the environment could have been sweeter.
You weren’t really cooking on gas -
The powers-that-be had your metre.

Although you are rightly concerned
with emissions, you’re sat in the lock up
having failed in discharging your mission.
Who on earth organised such a cock up?

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Like Pigs in Shit

Oh dear, what a pigging shame.
Caught with your snout in the trough,
snorting your expenses claim.

Now everybody knows your name
and your address… and what you watched.
Oh dear, what a pigging shame.

A patio heater? Can you blame
the public for their stone cold wrath?
For snorting, 'Your expenses claim?'

Your reputation’s down the drain -
that new plug wasn’t big enough.
No dear. What a pigging shame.

Politics is a mugger’s game.
Talking mounds of useless froth
whilst snorting your expenses claim.

It might be politic to proclaim
you’ve been an Oik and bugger off
snorting. Your expenses claim?
Too dear. What a pigging shame.

Another chance to see…

Got no iplayer or Sky Plus?
Missed your favourite show? Don’t fuss,
It will repeat another night on
Dave ja vu - ad infinitum.


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