Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Response to mass letter sent to the voting public from Mr Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron, I’ve received your letter
saying the economy’s getting better
and how our mortgages are staying low.

I rent this house in case you didn’t know
and haven’t had a payrise in five years
whilst the rate of interest on my ISA
means my savings have no chance to grow.

It’s nice, despite my fears, to see you mention
I’ll have more leeway how I spend my pension;
I’m planning to buy cheaper beans from Aldi
and download blackleg versions of Vivaldi.

I’m very pleased you’ve asked what I would like,
providing boxes I might want to tick in,
but notice that there’s no space on the page
to write my extra comments. What’s the fricking
point of asking me for my opinion
when the choices are not those I'd vote on
and irrelevant to my position?

The boxes that I would prefer to choose from
would concern what I think Mr Cameron
should do? a) drop dead? or b) go to hell?
or c) resign? or d) let someone else
have a go at sorting out this mess?

In short I'd like it if you shoved your spin
up somewhere other than my rubbish bin.


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