Monday, 19 December 2016

The Office Diva

She’s the diva in the corner.
First of all you have to warm her
up before you place your media
into the appropriate feeder.
She clicks and clunks and hums and whirrs
and pouts and tutts and flutters her
eyelashes and repairs her makeup
before she even deigns to take up
the offering that you have placed
into the designated space.
There follows a robotic dance
as levers rotate and advance
and trays dip up and down until
the whole assembly stands quite still.

You wait there with your hand stretched out.

The paper suddenly shoots out
then flicks back in just as you reach
to take It. As you curse the thief   
it extricates a perfect copy
and smugly drops it in the hopper.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

A Christmas song

(in memory of Victoria Wood, sadly missed)

Chocolate orange; crystallised
ginger; christmas cake; mince pies…
Tie me to the trolley!
Hit me with your brolly!
Make me eat some natural
yogurt  with fresh strawberries!

Stollen stealing my resolve -
scooting past the alcohol -
Hit me with a loaded platter!
Thump me if I go near batter!
I’m trying to ignore temptation...
Serve me up a boiled crustacean!

Ice cream, cheesecake, apple strudel -
Now I'm losing all my scruples…
Get me through the checkout quick!
Steer me past the pick and mix!
That lemon muffin looks divine…
Let me out! I’ll shop online!

Friday, 9 September 2016

Spider (a found poem rendered in concrete)

A Different Prism

They say Corbyn’s unelectable,
That his policies are undetectable,
His charisma is imperceptible
And his behaviour’s unrespectable.

He should bow like other men and sing,
Be the puppet of the left right wing,
Dress in proper suits, don’t do anything
To upset Westminster’s flimflamming

He should resign to stop the Labour war
Although his mandate topped anyone’s before.
He should pay first class not sit on the floor.
What the hell does he think expenses are for?

A rebel then. A social schism.
A Kirk. A man whose star has risen
High above Westminster’s midden.
Shining through a different prism.

Jude Parsons ©2016


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