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Friday, 9 September 2016

A Different Prism

They say Corbyn’s unelectable,
That his policies are undetectable,
His charisma is imperceptible
And his behaviour’s unrespectable.

He should bow like other men and sing,
Be the puppet of the left right wing,
Dress in proper suits, don’t do anything
To upset Westminster’s flimflamming

He should resign to stop the Labour war
Although his mandate topped anyone’s before.
He should pay first class not sit on the floor.
What the hell does he think expenses are for?

A rebel then. A social schism.
A Kirk. A man whose star has risen
High above Westminster’s midden.
Shining through a different prism.

Jude Parsons ©2016

Monday, 13 April 2009

Demonstation of Incompetence

(on an aborted attempt by a group of protestors to access a nuclear power plant)

Arrested before you’ve protested?
What is the world coming to?
Without even a chance to wave banners
or throw one or even both shoes?

Shackled but not to a railing.
Surely that wasn’t the plan -
to be singing 'we will not be moved'
when youre being shoved into a van?

Caught in possession of items
that may lead some to think you are nutters -
attempting to cause nuclear damage
to a Plant with a pair of bolt cutters.

It seems that the climate's not right,
the environment could have been sweeter.
You weren’t really cooking on gas -
The powers-that-be had your metre.

Although you are rightly concerned
with emissions, you’re sat in the lock up
having failed in discharging your mission.
Who on earth organised such a cock up?

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Another chance to see…

Got no iplayer or Sky Plus?
Missed your favourite show? Don’t fuss,
It will repeat another night on
Dave ja vu - ad infinitum.


Oh google, how you flirt with me! Two poems found in search of me! My blog, my profile pic, my tweets, my Linkedin profile! This...